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Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to share Korea's hard-earned lessons and experiences in managing the outbreak and spread of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 with the world. The reality is, many countries have inadequate health systems to effectively deal with an outbreak and we must eliminate boundaries to resources to enable all countries to deal effectively with the coronavirus, enabling people who are deprived of the basic rights to self protection as easily accessible fast and safe coronavirus testing, medical attention and respirators, to the basics of face masks and hand sanitizers. GreenMedicalAid was created to protect people and countries from preventable spread of the coronavirus, which has no vaccine and no human has immunity to. Lack of adequate testing in countries have been leading to community transmission and many undetected cases leading to further infections and into outbreaks. Based on Korea's outbreak and experiences, GreenMedicalAid was created to share the coronavirus turnkey solutions with the world. Our mission is to offer any and each country in the world to have easy access to information and proven products, technologies and solutions to tackle with speed the Coronavirus fight! Our mission is to share our power to act fast and protect the physical and psychological health of every human being of every country, every local community and win the fight to end this pandemic for the world and humankind.   



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